About the Inward Speaking of Christ to a Faithful Soul

The following is from The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis (Book III, Chapter 1).

I will hear, says a devout soul, what God the Lord will speak.

Blessed is that person who hears Jesus speaking in his soul, and takes of His mouth some word of comfort. Blessed are the ears that hear the secret whisperings of Jesus, and heed not the deceitful words of this world. And blessed indeed be the ears that heed not the outward speech, but rather take heed what God speaks and teaches inwardly in the soul. Blessed also are the eyes that are shut to the sight of outward vanities, and that take heed of the inward movings of God. Blessed are they that get themselves virtues, and prepare themselves by good outward and inward works to receive daily more and more the secret inspirations and inward teaching of God, and for His service set aside all the hindrances of the world.

You my soul take heed of that which has been said, and shut the doors of your body, which are your five senses, that you may hear inwardly what our Lord Jesus speaks in your soul.


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