What I Believe: The Story

The Bible tells, in sixty-six books, the story of God’s relationship to humanity. The story begins before the creation of the earth and ends in eternal blessedness for those people whom he has redeemed. There are three major themes that continue throughout the story. These are God’s creation of all that exists, the disobedience of the first humans and the consequences of that for all of physical reality, and God’s work to make right (redeem) according to his purposes all that has gone wrong. Redemption is a long and complex project and, I believe, cannot be finished in the framework of our present reality.


One thought on “What I Believe: The Story

  1. That coincides with what the Book of Psalms pretty much says.
    I call nature “Gods Cathedral”.
    The three themes in the Book of Psalms are that when we sin Jehovahs hand will be heavy upon us
    When we repent He graciously forgives us
    In the beginning it seems as if the wicked are winning but Jehovahs hand exalts the righteous and is heavy upon the wicked.

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