What I Believe: Clarity

Clarity, to me, involves more than reading the words as we read ordinary passages. Let me illustrate what I mean by using the account of Philip and the Ethiopian as found in Acts 8:26-40. It took a long string of providences to bring the Ethiopian to where he was and doing what he was doing. It took a special revelation to bring Philip up to his chariot just as he was complaining about not being able to understand Isaiah 53:7-8.

Clarifying the passage for the Ethiopian meant taking him on a long psychological, intellectual and spiritual trip until he came to saving faith in Jesus Christ, was baptized, and went home rejoicing. Philip then moved on to Azotus having done Christ’s work with the Ethiopian and continued his preaching.

Clarity in our understanding of Scripture, I believe, can come to us in various, though less dramatic, ways. Examples are reading the Bible, listening to teaching and preaching, going to Bible studies, using study Bibles and commentaries to see what other people think of a passage, talking to fellow Christians, and meditating on God’s Word. I believe when these things are superintended by the Holy Spirit we will receive the level of understanding of Scripture that Christ intends us to have.


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