So Little Time—So Much to Do

Before the 2024 presidential election there are many things Conservatives must do to remake the Republican Party so it will be able to stop the Progressives from their goal of turning the United States into a one-party nation. One-party governments become criminal enterprises, and they are very hard to get rid of since they control the police and military. Venezuela is a relevant example.

My suggestion is that conservatives take over the Republican Party and use its resources and legal standing to rebrand it as the Constitution Party. The Constitution Party would then hold a series of conventions to draft proposed revisions to the U.S. Constitution. These would retain the principles of the original but would incorporate (and ensure) the values of conservatives. The final versions would be selected at a national Constitution Party convention and sent to the state legislatures for ratification.

The proposals and debates during the change conventions would allow everyone to know what conservatives are and what they stand for, and thus be able to decide if they want to be one. It would also allow the identification of people who claim to be conservative but are not.

Conservatives should do away with primary elections. They are divisive, expensive, and reward candidates who are good at campaigning but sometimes not competent at governing. Using the constitution conventions and then normal party assemblies to select candidates at each level of government would produce officials who understand and accept their responsibilities to the electorate.

Conservative party membership would be an identity and not just an expectation of voting a certain way. It should be a choice of civic responsibility and of providing active assistance to the party. Unity within the party could be developed though peaceable assemblies. One of the actions of these assemblies would be the signing of petitions telling of grievances suffered by conservatives. This is the first step for obtaining a peaceable remaking of American civic order. (There are other means to pursue if they become necessary.)

It is up to the people who want to live in a nation under God to create a new version of our Constitution. One suited to what God has in mind for people who choose to serve him and with liberty and justice for all. If we are unable to maintain a viable opposition to the Progressive agenda and if we fail to grasp the present opportunity, conservatives and Christians can expect to be exposed to the persecutions, incarcerations, and executions that are the fate of opponents of tyrannies.

Enough said—it is time to get to work.