Give Them Warning

Isaiah wrote, “Without a vision, the people perish.” I have had a vision and I hope it results in a wake-up call for Christians. My vision occurred about a month ago and took place in the night—which seems to be an appropriate time for such things. In some mental and spiritual condition between sleeping and waking, I saw words in a big three-dimensional font against a light-blue background. The letters were a beige color. The words were “GIVE THEM WARNING.” While I was reading the words and trying to process what was happening, a voice spoke the words to me. At that time I opened my eyes and so missed any explanation of what the words meant.

God has spoken to me at several crucial times in my life so I believe that it was He who was speaking to me. The vision part, to the best of my recollection, was a new experience. It, apparently, has been left to me to understand what the vision means for me to do. After considerable prayer and contemplation, I think the warning has to do with very dangerous secular ideologies, such as critical race theory and cultural Marxism, which are becoming very prevalent in universities, governments, corporations and media. They vary in a number of respects but they all exclude Christianity or make it one of their enemies. These ideologies create an unreal understanding of reality and so have to force everyone to conform to their dogmas to maintain their false reality.

The next question for me was who are the “them”? I think the answer is those who are ready to hear what God has to say about almost unbelievable changes in American culture. There are many Christians who for one reason or another have not seen what is happening or when they have seen it have felt it could not adversely affect them. Unless these people wake up it will be beyond the ability of people like me and others who have had visions to make them realize the danger they are in.

If we act to resist and overcome these ideologies we will be engaged in serious spiritual warfare. Ideologies do not arise by themselves. They are produced by certain people at particular times in history by the influence of the Father of Lies, as Jesus described Satan. Therefore, we cannot go into this struggle unarmed and disunited if we intend to be successful in stopping this coming catastrophe. We should become what we are accused of being, crusaders who carry the Cross of Jesus, and focus on freeing people from the tyranny of would-be totalitarian regimes.